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Truss Rod Routing


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when you rout out the truss rod channel,do you need to rout out the curve f the channel to a specific shape? ie: the middle of the channel is supposed to be deeper than the ends as far as i am aware, but how do you know how deep to make it? anyone know what i mean? :DB)

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From what I have seen demon, the shape of the channel depends on what type of truss rod you are installing. If you are using the Stewart-Mac double action hot shot truss rod. The channel is routed flat because the rods work in both directions.

I think the older Fenders used a single action truss rod that required a deeper slot in the middle of the rout than at the ends. Then there are some truss rods that are enclosed in a "box", I think Gibson uses these on LesPauls, and these I think have a deeper rout in the middle and require a cap piece of wood on type, possibly with a similar depression in the middle of the cap.

But, I am very much a novice to this whole Luthier thing myself, so you may want to wait for responses from some of the resident experts ! And as always, consult the manufacturer of the equipment for proper installation instructions. :D

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cheers guys, never actually thought to ask the manufacturers :D all the guitars that ive built so far have used proprietory necks, so its never been an issue! im more of a customiser than builder, although i have a few projects on the go just now....

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