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Zebra Wood Neck

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I would not recommend Zebrano for use in a neck. It is a fairly dense wood, but it can be brittle.....It is surprisingly stable, but can develop small, almost microscopic checks or cracks, even after a finish has been applied. I've worked with Zebrano for about 10 years and it would make a great top for your project, but experience tells me to stay away from it as a neck material......There are many other better choices available.....I just would not run the risk of those tiny checks.....only 1 could compromise the integrity of your neck. I'm sure you could build a laminated neck with Zebra, combined with other proven woods, and it would work well......but why take the chance.........The is a lot of mechanical force working on the neck.

......my 2 cents

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zebrawood sucks. its really brittle. It does develop small cracks, so if your environment changes a lot expect some problems.

I glued up a top that I thought was stable, turns out that after I cut the piece in half micro cracks developed that turned into larger cracks... was a large pain.

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if used it for a fretboard, it came out ok (wood wise (apretty big bomb construction wise)), but i had several concerns.

1. The fine brown dust gets everywhere and takes forever to get out, most importatntly it clogs up and can dull the saw you are using to cut it wirh

2. Even though it is actually denser and "stronger" then maple, it is much more brittle, I used some offcut as a clamping caul and the direct pressure from a small (like 1.5" c clamp) actually broke it clear into 2 pieces. In my ex[perinece ( I actually broke several zebrano cauls) The breaks where actually along the grain line (almost dead on)

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Reading this thread is a bit worrying because I've built a maple:zebrano:maple neck. It's not attatched to the guitar yet but I've built it. The only problem I've had with it is the end grain just goes shiney when I was trying to sand it, the stuffs like granite :D

It keeps getting moved around my house and I live in England so obviously the conditions it's kept in keep changing - humidity, temperature, cat sitting on it, etc and I haven't had any problems.

BUT - If the experts say don't use it then go with them, I'm an egit.

I will say that I got the wood out of the neck laminates section of the woodstore so.......... :DB) hmmm

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