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Hey Whats The Best Floyd Rose For A Js Body Guitar

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Not really. People nitpick all the time about which trem is better and all the Japanese Ibanez Edge trem variants (all manufactured by Gotoh) are among the finest. The only thing you can debate is the "feel" which is totally subjective. And it often has more to do with the length of the trem block than the bridge itself. Some will say certain trems sound better, again that's subjective. The cavity route is basically for the Lo-Pro edge you have, so replacing the trem could involve routing the cavity out, depending on what you get, and how close the Ibanez factory tolerance was on the route and stud placement to begin with. I'd say unless there is something in particular that bothers you about the trem, leave it as is.

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Frank spoke wisely. The trem you're having right now, is one of the better Ibanez trems. And if you have to ask this question, you shouldn't be thinking of changing your tremolo to begin with.

Some think the Ibanez Edge trem is the best trem ever made. Joe en Steve are still using this old but proven design. Others like the Lo Pro Edge better for it's lower design. I personally like the new Edge Pro alot. But that's mearly looks of the design.

They all have their certain character.

Other great trems are the original Floyd Rose, the Kahler trem, the new Ibanez ZR trem (based on Kahler design).

Here is great article to bring you up to speed about the different availabel trems.

Different Tremolo's

Still interested learning more about the Edge or Lo Pro Edge. Go to Jemsite.com and under forum search for the word Edge. Some interesting discussion are available.

Here some more detailed pics of your trem.

Lo Pro Edge

Hope you're brought up to speed about the Lo Pro Edge.

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