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Repairing My New Acoustic

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i came into an old Kay f-hole style acoustic last night and i need to put a bridge on it and im pretty sure it needs a new neck. i need to know what i'm gonna have to get and maybe a website that carries the parts. also, can anyone identify the model or year of it from this pic??



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From the looks of the pic, you have an old archtop guitar. You may also need a new tail piece, in addition to the bridge. In both cases, you can get what you need from StewMac. As for the neck, a reset is probably more in order than a whole new neck. A good luthier could tell you what needs to be done.

Take care and take pics,

Guitar Ed

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nice find there..i have a small collection of kays and silvertones. i reset the neck on one silvertone so that i could actually chord it and the rest of them i've pretty much set up to play slide or dobro style. i have one "old kraftsman", 60's vintage that i put a standard humbucker in and play slide on it and it kicks butt.

a neck reset will probably cost you a couple hundred if you have a pro do it.

i'm not sure but that one's probably out of the 60's. looks like someone played the devil out of it.

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