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String-Through / Tune-O-Matic

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I'm rebodying and aluminum-necked Kramer. Has the Schaller Bridge / Tailpiece combo right now. I'm planning on using a traditional Tune-O-Matic bridge, and having the strings route from the back of the body, through ferrules, and over the T-O-M Bridge, like a Flying V but without the V shaped tailpiece.

I've found the Ferrules for the back of other string through bridges, such as the Fender hardtails, which mount directly under the bridge, but I cannot find any information on what ferrules to use to run the strings through the body BEHIND the bridge. I've been to WD, AllParts and StewMac so far.

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hey i did this same thing on an old 61 SG that was hacked up, what i did though, since i had the original ebony tailpiece that was on the temolo. I ran the strings through and used a bone bridge for an acoustic to have the strings ride over before they hit the bridge, then i attached the ebony piece over top of it so to hide the bone piece and the holes. it looks really cool and its a one of a kind guitar! the tone is awsome! and i'd put my SG up against any other out there!

if you want a picture i could get one for you but it will take me a week to get it to computer,just let me know,id be glad to.

rye :D

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youll never find the ferrules for the top of the body that you want....everyone wants those...those are usually specially made for a company.....after researching it a bit, ive discovered that even a lot of the major companies have given this up....ther only company that i can think of that still uses special ferrules is jackson...i know the guy that does most of their machining(and fenders too), and he never supplied them....

.what a lot do now is to use the same ferrules as you do on the back of the guitar on top....esp, schecter and a few others are doing this now....i have in the past used copper tubes that i polished nicely for the top....they worked pretty well....if you want to do try this let me know, ill send you six brass tubes gratis.....

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No wonder I couldn't find 'em anywhere.

This board ROCKS! :D

Great information about their lack of availibility, AND thanks for the great ideas.

Since I'm on my own here for ferrules, I think I'll order 3 pairs of Holley carburetor jets and recess 'em into the body.

But I do like the pop rivet idea as well.

And if you find the pic of your guitar with the acoustic bridge as a tailpiece, send it my way. Always open for cool ideas.

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No flamejob on this one. That'll go on a strat. I'll start on that one when I'm finished with this one.

This is a Kramer aluminum neck that I drilled for Sperzels, had a graphite nut made for to replace the roller nut (It was missing a wheel) The Schaller humbuckers were tossed in favor of EMGs. Gonna be a "Warlock" body in gloss black. Hard to go wrong with gloss black and polished metal.

What got me started on all this madness was thinking "Y'know, it'd be nice to have a battery box." Which eventually became "This'd be cool with a Warlock body."

As for the carb jets, as a motorhead, There's something I find appealing about having to go back to the pits and "Re-Jet" my guitar to step up to heavier guage strings. Well, actually, I'd just use large enough diameter jets to provide clearance for any string, but it's a funny thought.

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