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Found A New Figured Maple Supplier

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I was at the Canwest Woodworking Tool Show & Sale, or "Woodshow", today. I wasn't really looking forward to going as the show focuses mainly on tools then wood, and I have all the tools I now want, but I came across a booth of a guy selling figured maple.

They call themselves Specialty Craftwoods, and said they sell to StewMac and PRS and the likes. They had some larger pieces, a few other spieces, as well as stacks of guitar billets, 2"X8"X22", of flamed and quilted which were all seconds.

I did however find a few billets that were acceptable, and bought one, pictured in the links. The pictures suck, the piece is a second because of some small knot holes. It was only $40.00CDN, so I think I did pretty good. :D

They said they are opening a retail store the middle of next month, but currently have a barn nearby loaded with "100,000BF" of wood.

This is pretty good for me, I have found a few other "order online" type places that are fairly local, but no one locally who deals in figured maple where I can go hand pick my pieces - and I'm very picky, I can spend HOURS looking through an entire stack for the "right" piece. B)



Another thing, I just found this if anyone is interested:

Buildyourguitar.com Supplier Addresses - Woods, Tools Etc.

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I can spend HOURS looking through an entire stack for the "right" piece.

Please... your making me sick with envy. Quit rubbing it in!

... the piece is a second because of some small knot holes.

Don't you just love those? Yeah, okay, it has a tiny knot... but that's where you can cut it out, so it doesn't matter for that project. BUT... it's a "second" so it has to be discounted. OH YEAH!

And then there are the knots that have such a magnificent affect on the grain that you absolutely do NOT want to cut it out. I guess I'm just a wood-freak.


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WOW that looks like some nice figured maple it must be nice. hear in saskatoon I have a heck of a time finding any flamed or quilted maple well any kind of figured maple any thing else no problem but maple no way it take's me mounths just to find a piece that worth looking at never mind hours. B)


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