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Humbucker Mounting Distances

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I'm working on my first project, which will have two humbuckers. I found some specs once (on the internet) for what were considered to be excellent mounting locations for humbucers... but I didn't bookmark it, and now I can't find it.

I though about using the measurements off of my LP Jr, but thought I would ask before I start marking and cutting holes. (NEWBIE RULE #1: measure twice, ask advice, measure again.)

On the Epi, the neck pickup is mounted as close as possible to the neck, with just enough room for the mounting ring. And the center of the bridge pickup is just about 2½" from the center of the TOM bridge... which is 24¾" from the nut.

Do these measurements sound good, or should I do something different?

Keep in mind, I'm not a great guitar player. I will just be using this for working out guitar rifts while I'm writing songs, and occasionally using it to record song demos... which don't have to sound as great as commercially released material. So I'm just trying to find some good measurements that will work for the average player.


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i would say the measurements you took are a good reference

there are no hard ,fast rules for this...i always put the neck pickup right up against the fretboard,and the bridge pickup depends on the wood i am using....mahogany tends to be mellow,so i place it a bit closer to the bridge to keep a percussive attack...with alder i place it farther away to bring out some bass overtones

but i play metal,so percussive attack is a must for me

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