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candy striping

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i was wondering how i would go about candy striping my wolfgang. i really like the look, but i don't know how to get it all flat and smooth. any inf would be awesome. i did one one time and it is noticable where i had the masking tape, and when i sanded it, i wore through the top layer of paint.


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you cant feel the stripes after you paint them...paint is pretty thin and you dont need but a couple coats.....paint white first, mask off white stripes, then paint it red...the black stripes are reversed masked over at the end.....you want to buy the blue 3m stripping tape, for the wolfie you need 3/4 inch, 1/4 , 1/8

be sure to check the tape where each crosses another, there you will need to make sure there are no gaps.....also, if you want a pro job, spray blender(paint without pigment, clear) between each color so you can sand out the overspray

if you need pictures of eddies guitars, you can find them on my website under fan guitars or email me

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thanx for all of the input. i want to do a black and yellow strie like on the VH2 album cover. what shade of yellow did wayne charvel use, it's kind of mustardy. it looks great. i've seen a few where the yellow is all wrong.

also what is the best brand/type of paint to use, i'v heard automotive is good, but requires a ton of primer.

thanx guys, you rock :D

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thanx guys,

for the actual painting, is it better to have the body flat (lying down) or to have it standing up or hanging. what is the best way to paint a guitar, i've seen it done various ways, but i guess i want to know the easiest and best way. also is it ok to use any sort of heat lamp or UV lights to help in drying?

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