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Passive To Active?


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hey there. Is it possible to turn passive pickups into active pickups? Reason why I want to do it is because I've read that actives can boost the output, getting a better sound. Any help is appreciated.

-Jamie :D

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You would buy the Bartolini TC5 preamp. Its operating level is roughly 2x the passive output. That sounds like a lot, but remember the human ear detects something "twice as loud" when it is actually 9x as loud. So the operating level of the guitar will be boosted a little, but then you'll have the choice to set your own custom parameters of a midrange boost on a switch if you want to. It's not necessary, though. The boost can be anywhere from low mids to high mids, or a flat boost of all frequencies. It can't save poor sounding pickups, but if you have good pickups, you will love it. It will be like you turned your guitar "on" for the first time.

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