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Need Hollow Body ID

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ok, i have this very old hollow body, and i dont know much about it, but i want to refinish it, put new pickups, and maybee even change the neck, but there are no markings on the guitar to help me identify it, any ideas as to how i might be able to, i will post some picks on here laer, but in the mean time, im looking for something like a web site that helps or something like that.

thanks in advance. B)


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i bet he got the error message and thought that it didn't work.. i've had that just about every time i've posted a new thread in the acoustic and hollow body guitar chat.. i found out that the post got trough despite the error message though..

EDIT: oops just noticed that i've only posted twice here :D

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Hi CS,

If you have an archtop guitar, odds are you have a set neck with a dove tail. This would be much harder to replace than a Fender style bolt on. So unless there is something really wrong with the existing neck, refinishing might be a better option.

You might consider the Bennedetto book on building archtops. It will give you a good idea on what you might be getting into.

Guitar Ed

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ok, got some pics, this is the body of the guiar assebled. the bridge is 2 peices, the part that holds the strings, and the part that acts like sadles. the saddle part, is not skrewed down to the guitar, and can be moved around.00001.jpg

this si the neck, the tunign keys are beside it, and i am planning on replacing the keys. they dont hold very well.


now a few close ups, nothing is really skrewed down, and there are suppose to be 2 pickups, both the same, but i didnt put them there.00004.jpg00003.jpg

this is the bottom of the neck, where you adjust the truss rod00006.jpg

the body striped


this is what i thought was the only marking on the guitar, its whats left of the crest on the guitars headstock. i kinda increased the quality a bit.


then when i took the guitar appart, i found this on the inside of the guitar. its a sticker and it was righ under the tone volume and selector pannel.


ok, so i posted the picks, now i just need some help, like i said before, i just want to change the neck, and refinish the body, then i eventually want to put in new pickups.

thanks :D

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