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Building An Electric Out Of Spruce

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I'd use it with a 1/4" maple top and perhaps back as well. It is so light and weak that anything will dent it up. I would personally love to hear a spruce back on a carved 1/2" maple top, and perhaps with maple veneer or 1/8" maple back just for protection. I also think it would make fantastic neck through wings. Don't expect it to hold any trem studs. You should string through the body, and saturate any high compression areas like neck screw ferrules and ball end ferrules with thin CA.

Now that I think of it, how cool would it be to make a "shell" out of walnut, rosewood, or something else hard and heavy, but load it with spruce inside?! For example use bent rosewood sides, like an acoustic, with a rosewood top and back. That's basically the Parker concept, to bake your soft woods inside a hard candy shell. I guess when you think about it, Parkers are the "m&m's" of guitars. :D

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I don't think a maple top on the spruce is necessary at all. Yes, spruce will ding with a thin finish, but the wood is actually very strong and certainly strong enough to use trem studs. It's not balsa (technically another hardwood). If you can do it with basswood, you can do it with spruce. Keep in mind that if you put a maple cap on it, you will accentuate higher frequencies. It would be similar to an acoustic guitar with a spruce top and maple sides/back. Spruce is an awesome wood to use for an all-around even frequency response.

Parker only puts the carbon-glass fiber mat on the back and it's there only to control temperature and humidity-related expansion/contraction of the wood. They wrap the neck in the material because they use tone woods that are easily warped without it.

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