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North, South, Grounded?!?!

Nick M.

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i was looking at a humbucker wiring diagram, and there's all these "north south" things, and i was wondering, how do i know which wire is what? my humbucker is wired to a coil tap switch, a volume and tone pot and a 5-way switch. there is also a black grounded wire soldered to a tremolo spring brace.

NOTE: i dont know what brand my p/u's are!

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yup, here ya go! http://guitarelectronics.com/diagrams/h1.html

hey, if this helps, there are BLACK and RED wires coming from the coil CLOSEST to the neck, and BLUE and WHITE wires comming from the coil closest to the BRIDGE. there a wire without the plastic coloured stuff (don't know what it's called. you can see the actual wire) that is soldered to the metal part of the humbucker that the mounting screws go through.



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According to what your saying your Black and Red wires would be North and your Blue and White would be South, the wire without the plastic coloured stuff is a ground wire (also called Bare or Sheild in that particular schematic) :D

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