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Installing A Wilkinson Roller Nut

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I've searched the forum and haven't found anything. Does anyone have any information about installing a Wilkinson Roller Nut? I can't even find a website for them.

I'm planning to use one on the project guitar I've started but I'm not sure because it doesn't seem that the string breaks the bearing at the front edge. So it looks like that would change the fret positions with respect to the standard nuts.

You can see my project at www.downinfrontht.com.



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you can't just mount it on the fretboard, due to the fact, that the base is not radiused and you action woult be 3-4 mm in the first fret, depending on the frets you use. generally it's better to mount it to deep (?) and shim it if the first fret buzzes. order it and you will see how to install it. it's not that hard.

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Hi Idch,

Thats what I have... only no where near that long!

Mine are MUCH shorter, but they do the job.

Cant help you with that, sorry.


Hi man,

The mounting screws? I have a cheap copy roller nut on one of my guitars, and the screws arent very long at all- probably about 5 mm.

I havent ever had any problems with it at all.

Probably not the answer you were looking for though, sorry!


Here's a photo from an ebay auction -- Screws --or RAILROAD SPIKES?!?

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