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Truss Rods... Can I Make One?

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Have you ever had a truss rod in your hands????

I suspect you never have.

The reason I say this ....cause people whom are handy enough to make one.....will make one the minute they see one, or buy one.

If you can weld and cut some iron rods you won't have any problem with making your own.

I will shoot some pics of the standard Lmii truss rod I bought.......the minute I had it in my hand....I thought.....well, this is the last time I bought one of those......;-)

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you don't even need to know how to weld.. my truss rods are basically 5mm steel rods with threads in one end and the other end is hammered in the shape of a hook which is epoxied in place in the neck.. the hook keeps the rod from turning in the slot when the bolt is tightened. very simple but effective.

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