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Well for the most part if your talking for a body you want the grain to go the length of the wood, if your talking about making a neck the grain can be used in one of two positions but it still needs to flow the length of the wood.

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Brian, I think he's reffering to whether the neck wood is quatersawn or flatsawn.

When using mahognay for a neck it is advisable to use quarter sawn timber, since this grain orientation makes for the stiffest, most stable neck. This is of particular importance on electric guitars, since they have longer necks, hence more potential to flex. With maple, a flatsawn neck should be fine.

The grain orientation of your body wood is less critical, assuming you are building a solid body.

If you need a diagram illustrating the difference between quarter and flat sawn timber, try a google search, failing that, I have one I can mail to Brian for inclusion here (I can't currently FTP anything to my webspace).

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