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Testing Valves


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iknow this isnt strictly a guitar question but it is related. i have a peavey 5150, but it keeps melting the solder on the pcb that the 6L6 power tubes plug into, then the whole thing blows. Does anyone have any idea why this might be? (could it be that I play a bass through it) The volume is rarely above 1 (its bloody loud) so the tubes dont get that hot. I emailed peavey, but they havent been much use. I was wondering if anyone knew how to test power valves with a multimeter to see if its them thats knackered.

Any help gratefully recieved, I miss my baby.......


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Read the Guitar Amp Debug section at http://www.geofex.com

If the solder joints are melting, there is a definite problem! Solder melts at around 360 to 620 deg. F, depending on the type. Those tubes are getting way, way too hot. I would suspect that the power tube bias is whacked, and your tubes are near death in this condition. Do the plates (grey things inside the tube) get red at all? That is a sure sign of a badly misbiased tube.

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