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Truss Rod Question


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I am going to be building a neckthrough RG type guitar. I posted a thread a while back asking about the neck laminates, but I was wondering what the best type of truss rod would be. ive looked through a lot of the old threads and there doesnt really seem to be much facts...ie: most opinions seem to be personal preferences. I personally think that a double action would be too big, as the neck has to be as thin or preferably thinner than a wizard neck. That leaves a single action (which I prefer anyway) but Im wondering (yes Ive finally got to the point) whether to use a carbon one or a steel one. Do the different materials affect the tone of the guitar at all? for reference the neck was a rock maple - ebony - rock maple - paduak - rock maple - ebony - rock maple laminate neckthrough with basswood body wings. B):D

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