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Making An Aluminum Pickguard

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Anyone ever do this? I'm just wondering what the best way to make one is. I don't have any tools to do this with except for a jigsaw, hacksaw and a Dremel Tool. Is there some kind of attachment I can get for the Dremel Tool that would sort of act like a router bit? I don't think that a cutting wheel is going to get me where I want to be. I used that little cutting wheel to cut some holes in my Matchless Spitfire clone chassis, and while it did a good job, it took a long time and it was a PITA. Took about three of those cutting wheels to cut two square holes...

Probably a jigsaw with a metal cutting blade is the way to go. What do y'all think?

Any second opinions?

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I made some scratchplates with aluminium chequer plate. I just cut then with a jigsaw and a proper aluminium cutting blade. Normal metal cutting blades tend to tear at the metal and you get really sharp dodgy edges which need a lot more filing off. I would also suggest you clamp the plate between two pieces of mdf or ply, the little thin pointy bits on the scratchplate tend to jump when you cut and you end up snapping blades, althoug this may have just been because i was cutting chequer plate (European stuff, there are four ridges, as opposed to the usual single ridge US style diamond plate) Once its cut, either hand file the edges smooth, or use a grinding wheel on a dremel. B):D

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