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another funky finish completed =o)

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Now that is one gorgeous :D finish!! OK, tell us, unless it's a proprietary secret: is that PPG paint? I assume you airbrushed the drips and pentagram - freehand, or did you use a template? I hope I live long enough to learn how to do work like that.

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no real secrets, you just work in color from lightest to darkest, spray the white (which I use as a primer anyway) mask the pentagram, spray red, mask the drips, spray the black, clear.

The paint on this one is RM Diamont (exactly the same as PPG) poly urethane base and component clears. This customer got lucky, I mixed enough clear for 3 bodies and then noticed a problem in one of the bodies before I sprayed, so I had extra clear and I just wanted to spray it all out, his guitar got 15 coats LOL!!!!!!!!

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Guest AlexVDL

Mask the drips????? Why not just drip red paint over the black paint and surface it all with the clear??

Oh man... sounds very much work to cut all those drip lines :D

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2 things

First, the masking agent is a rubberized mold compound I thin and just drip over the red.

the 2 reasons why are,

Red won't show up on black very well,

and dripping paint would end up sooooooooo thick it would be hard to surface it all. By masking it, you get a very very thin ridge of paint :D

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