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? About The Faux Ebony Trick Tutorial


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Here is the dye you are looking for.....Fiebing's Leather Dye. This is the stuff that Gibson has used forever to dye their ebony fret boards to a uniform black. I get mine from a leather working supplier, but Stew-Mac carries it.


I've used this stuff on fret boards and some other projects, and its great stuff. It will make pearwood look exactly like ebony.

I think that if your heart is set on that ebony look, think about a black lacquer finish and then carefully dye the fretboard....less room for error.....and the lacquer is correctable if it gets messed up.

It won't damage anything, but you will have to strip the neck and hope the dye doesn't penetrate any microscopic pores or cracks in the inlay....That wouldn't look too good! As for the binding....a razor used as a scraper should probably take care of any dye......This stuff wipes on an wipes off quickly....But I'm not sure that I would make an attempt at anything other than the fretboard, using the dye on a q-tip.

Ya gotta ask yourself one question...." Do ya feel lucky?.....Well, do Ya?"

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