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Good Bridge For High Action

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Yeah i know it seems a bit silly but basically ive just found out how much fun electric slide guitar is (atm im playing with a shot glass, only thing i could find that i could use tho ill be getting a proper slide soon) and im now thinking of sorting myself out a guitar that i can have just to play slide on.

Currentlly i have my first project guitar that i made which is tuned to open G (its the nuclear strat for any who remember, a hideous monstrosity that i love like my own child :D) but the action on it isnt really that great and because its a trem it cant really get as high as id like to get around the fret board radius.

so back to the point of the post, what im asking about is whether there are any bridges people can think of that would make it a bit easier to get higher action. im planning to buy an old guitar from anywhere i can find thats in need of some TLC and set that up. i realise that i could just sand down the fretboard flat but im not really up to doing afull fret job yet.

i also realise that a TOM would be good for high action but theres the whole neck angle thing and so retrofitting one could be tricky (i assume that there would still have to be a neck angle with a TOM if i were playing slide, feel free to call me a muppet)

anyway, any help would be gratefully recieved

cheers guys


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I don't see why a neck angle would be necessary. Neck angle is added so that the action can be uniformly low over the whole neck. If you got rid of neck angle, you would a: have the string height taper from low (nut end) to high (body end) or b: raise the nut the same amount you raise the bridge, and you string height will remain uniform (assuming it is now).

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good point with the TOM. never thought about having a higher nut. only problem i then have is cutting the nut since atm i dont have a set of nut files. maybe itd be a good idea ot invest

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scott, thats a damn good idea. ill have to have a root around at work when i get a chance. theres got to be loads of bits of steel sheet lieing around.

executioner, thats another good point. ill have a look around for something like that. can you give me any other info on it?

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