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Birch Neck?

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I've never heard of birch being used on a wide scale in instruments. However I have worked in a cabinet shop and know that birch is roughly equal in density to Ash and White Oak. Birch is a fairly easy to work wood and is about as stable as Basswood. Think of working Alder and your in the ball park. But be very selective for clear Birch, the "figured" stuff is s**t, it crazes along the grain and simply won't shear at any knots. My advice is that if you have or have access to clear stock then go for it, but if you have anything that has knots or growth bumps don't bother.

Take it easy, Nate.

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Yeah, a friend of my dad's is a cabinet maker. I've used his shop for a project, and it seemed that most of his work was done in birch. I suppose if I laminated it could be a fine neck. I can get the furniture grade stuff cheap, so I may end up using it.

I guess I'll figure out the tone on my own.

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