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pickup idea (sorta)


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what do u think about this idea, i don't remember ever seeing it anywhere else before.

say someone wants to put a single soil into their guitar where there was a humbucker before. I think that a good idea for a product would be for a piece that looks like a single coil, but has a piece on the bottom that the other single (the real one) screws into, then wholes on the bottom piece for the height adjustment screws.

the only problems i've thought of so far is that maybe the single would be too wide to fit in the cavity, or that there wouldn't be enough room for the height adjustment screw holes. (i don't have any single coils)

hey whatever, i don't really know what i'm talkin about either(thats another problem) :D

EDIT my little in text drawing thing didnt work, deleted it

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emg makes a single coil pickup in a humbucker housing.they also make one that switches back and forth,like a coil tap.and then of course there are the coil taps.(pickups which have two wires coming out,one from each coil,so you can wire them to a switch and only play through half of it if you want to)(a total of four wires)

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