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Truss Rod Channel And Some Otherthings

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im just about to start building my first guitar, and have a few questions.

1. the truss rod channel has to be deeper at the center right? is this only for single action trusses. I.E. a steel rod with a thread and a bolt.?

if the channel has to be deeper at the center, should the truss rod be placed in strait, or should it follow the curve?

ive read that when the rod is tightened it tries to straiten and bends the neck in doing so

does this mean a bit of wood is needed on top of the rod to counteract it and stop it straiteneing with no effect on the actual neck?

(if this doesnt make sense just ask)

2. does anything need to be done to the wood in the way of treatment and such further than it would have got already(assuming its wood a builder might have)?

3. how much difference is there between virtual and actual fret mesurements?

meaning the twelth fret wont be in exactly the same place as the harmonic, because pressing down tightens the string. is this a gradual difference, and if so, should i just put the frets on and adjust the string with the bridge?

im sure ive got some more, but i think this will do for now.

ive searched pretty thouroghly throughout this forum and couldnt find what i was looking for, so maybe you could help

thanks. Mr Harry.

really good informative forum by the way.

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1.) The simple truss rod you describe does need an arched channel - deeper in the middle. It also requires a reversed arch fillet to fit on top (closest to the fretboard). The rod itself will be bent slightly to fit into the arched channel, but will only exert straightening force when tightened.

2.)Since the fillet will be under compression when the rod is tightened, it should be made of a fairly strong wood (ie don't use poplar or basswood). No treatment is needed other than avoiding excess glue stopping the rod from acting.

3.) Use the actual fret measurements and adjust intonation at the bridge. If this is your first neck (and maybe beyond, I still use them), I'd go with a pre-slotted fretboard.

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cheers guys

i would have gone for pre made stuff, but for whatever reason i want to make it all myself, i would feel like i was cheating a bit buying a fretboard.

also, i want to make a longer scale guitar than normal, say about 800mm (25.5 is about 648 mm) because this will allow lower tuning with thinner strings and it will loose less attack. does anybody know any problems with this?

i think i will change my mind about the truss rod though, (as i was getting a friend who is an experienced welder/metalworker to make it)

how much does the rod need to bend?

i read somewhere about 6mm is this right?

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