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P And J Bass's


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Hey, i have a Squier P bass and i really like the neck, but im not a fan of P bass's so i was thinking can i just buy a Jazz bass body and put the P bass neck on it? im guessing its not going to be that easy?

anyone know? :D

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printless_fingers Posted on Nov 30 2004, 11:11 AM

  its the mark hoppus (blink 182) signature bass

You got it.....I found out the Hoppus only has the P bass p'up in it though. Easily remedied with a router and a bit of time. You could install a J along with the P.

I was thinking the opposite of his request.....the Deluxe P Bass special.....it has the J neck, P body and a P and J p'up.

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The only diff between a P and J bass neck is the nut width. That said, the necks are interchangeable.

I don't know is Squier has different neck dimensions, though. Neck pocket specs for a J or P bass can be found at the Warmoth site:


If your neck matches those specs, then you're good to go!

Oh, and you're not alone on preferring the P bass neck with a J bass body. I like it too! :D

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