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Questions about clear coat


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Hi, I'm Johan and I'm a new member! :D

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what sort of clear coat I'll have to use on a borax swirled guitar?

I'm going to use oil paint so a normal urethane coat is out of the question.

What other options are there?

Please let me know.


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ok, thanks Brian.

But does it get a good grip on the oil painted surface?

And also important is it very expensive?

Or is it posible to swirl the guitar in a tub of water using urethane paint, and then clear coating it with a urethane laquer?

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I've used minwax poly with good results and haven't noticed any adhesion problems.Cost under 5.00 spraycan.The spray nozzles are somewhat decent,also.

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If I would use urethane paint, would the procedure be the same as when using oil paint?

What I mean is: Tub with water- add borax- add paint- dip!

Cause I've asked everywhere, but the name Minwax Polycrylic doesn't ring a bell here in Holland (that's where I live :D )

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YES, indeed! Brain is the Brian!........or was it just the other way 'round? :D

Anyway, what is the best option?

# Swirl with oil paint and finish with an acrilic clear coat.

# Swirl with poly urethane paint (2 components) and finish with a poly urethane clear coat (also 2 components)

# Don't swirl (incase I ruin a brand new alder JEM body)

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