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How Can I Fill This Hole?

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My next project arrived in the mail today...this one will be the Bocaster Thinline...

Turned out to be a Stagg--which means there was this ugly metal plate inlay in the headstock. I pried that out, now I need to fill the hole...


I'll be reshaping the headstock --you can see my markings...I can possible slice off slivers of the wood to use as veneer...there will be plenty of sawdust too...I can probably sand down around the hole, but I don't want to weaken the wood and I don't want to make it too thin around the tuners either.

Any ideas?

Oh, and the guitar is this hideous puke green color (it was supposed to a yellowish blonde)....it'll give me practice learning how to relic!

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I would probably use wood filler and go over the head stock with a veneer myself. How are you planning on doing the headstock? If you just stick a chunk of maple in it, it could stick out like a sore thumb, unless you're going to paint the headstock. :D

It depends on what I find for filling it...if I can find the right size piece of maple (or at least a similar wood), then I shape it to fit the hole, glue it in, sand it down smooth. The worst that will be there will be a line...I can live with that.

If I can find a piece of maple, then I'll use a piece of the alder that I chopped off the body of my other telecaster (see my 'Bocaster' project thread). That wood is pretty light colored with little grain, but very easy to shape-- so it'll be visible, but liveable.

I'll probably use sawdust and glue to fill in much of the hole, then glue in the piece and shave/sand/shape level with the rest of the head.

I'm not against veneer--just don't know where to find any around here! (I've asked a carpenter friend to help out, we'll see what he comes up with)

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