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Pickup problem


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Hahaha, honestly, i'm not a dumb person...

See, some of you may remember a while back i was having problems with the extra low output of the bridge pickup in my Schecter C-7 that i refinished. I started having problems out of the pickup after i repainted the guitar and had it rewired by a guy i know. Now, here's the kicker...

I didn't remove the pickups from the guitar while i was repainting it. Yup. It was a challenge of sorts... i was thinking out loud about wanting to repaint the guitar and not have to deal with rewiring the pickups, and my older brother swore up and down that i couldn't do it. Of course, i had to try it. I put several layers of making tape over the pickups through the whole process. During the repainting process, some wires got knocked loose in the back cavity, so i had a guy i know rewire it. After i put it all back together, the pickups { especially the bridge } had much lower output than before. I used the wiring diagrams that you guys showed me to rewire it, and the pickups still seemed weak. However, i must have doen something wrong, because the tone knob doesn't work at all. I'm going to give it another shot.

So, here's my question... Could getting a little bit of paint inside the pickup damage it and lower the output? Or is this strictly a wiring problem?

Thanks a lot, guys, please help soon!


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Maybe it's possible the paint solvent can damage the coating of copper wire.

So you get a short cut in the pick up and thus less windings with as a consequence a lower output.

In that case the pick up would be ruined. B)

(I hope it's not)

It's just a theory. I'm not a electrician.

Gerard :D:D

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Hmm, that's possible... I don't know how that paint could have gotten in there, though. It would have had to leak through the tape on top, though the plastic pickup cover, and into the wire... I think i'll try rewiring it again. I'll probably have some questions about the rewing, so please keep an eye on this topic if you have experience with that kind of job.



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Hi Ben,

I just thought of it. Maybe it is possible to measure the resistance of the pick up. I don't know the English word for it. It's a meter that can determine what the resistance of a electronic part/device is. It's scale is in ohm's.

What I mean is: you measure a pick up what is quite similar to the 'broken' pick up. Let's say you measure something about 8 Kohm (eight Kilo Ohm).

Then do the same thing on the 'broken' pick up. If it's nowhere near 8Kohm you could assume the pick up is broken.

I hope this is a little understandible if not let me know.

Gerard B):D

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