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This may not be the "correct" forum to post this... BUT

I was just curious. There are so many of you who seem to be superb woodworkers... so I was wondering if any of you make anything other than guitars? It would seem to me that guitarmaking would be a wonderful introduction to the broader topic of Woodworking in general and could provide for a very good understanding of most woodworking conceps... so I though this would be a good discussion starter. Maybe you could post pics of other wood related projects... Though, I may just be talking out of my ass and this could be a retarded idea....

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I work in a wood shop, we make alot of stuff!!

heres a list of the stuff we just finished up

25 Holiday Violins (not real, but same size, and all)

50 Stools

10 Boxs with 2 shelves

15 wall units with cherry crown molding on top and 4 shelves

98% of the wood we use is Basswood, harder then pine, and just as easy to work with!! plus its cheap!!

the other 2% is cherry and walnut, and occasionaly maple


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I used to be a mold maker for an architectural terra cotta restoration comapny (BVTC). We used a lot of wood to make the models. I learned pattern making there and I still use some of the techniques when I build guitars. On the West Coast I used to work freelance doing custom fabrications of all sorts. I made science center and trade show exhibits (funky Vietnamese instrument exhibit), cabinets, custom furniture, carved archtectural panels, restaraunt interiors, foam aliens, large foam ice cream cones and pastrami sandwiches, etc. You name it I may have built one (or a fake one for a theatre prop). I also got into cabinet making for a few years. I learned quite a bit but got very bored with boxes. Cabinets are nothing but fancy, decorated boxes. I will still help out a friend of mine who has a cabinet shop in Ann Arbor, MI. We recently built these: kitchen cabinets

I got out of woodworking and decided I wanted a career of some sort. I spent a year teaching myself computer programming and went out and got a job doing web development and database programming. I started burning out and spent all my money on wood and tools. After 3 years of it I finally quit it all and started my guitar business. This is what I have always loved to do. I haven't looked back.


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What do I do with my wood????? That's personal B)

Actually I take my scrap and cut it up into pen blanks and sell it to wood turners. I don't have much time to do anything else although I have some great ideas for projects......time, time, time......never enough time. I haven't even had time to get moving on my 2 basses although I have had all of the wood here for over 3 weeks. Time for a vacation! My appendix having to come out didn't help create any time to work although I have been off work for 2 weeks. I just can't do anything :D

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One thing I've made in the past is boxes of various shapes and sizes. One fun way to make a box using a block of 8/4 scrap wood is to tablesaw or bandsaw off the top 1/4", rout out the middle of the remaining block, and then use the top as the lid; simple, elegant, -and- the grain matches on the sides.

Oh, and sets of shelves. I've worked with my dad making shelves for around the house, usually ouf of birch or oak plywood.

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