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Semihollow Neck Through Bass

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Ok, here's my idea, and I'd just like to hear what others think before I screw up some beautiful wood.

I am building a 4-string fretless electric bass as a neck-through semi hollow body.

The neck through will be a laminate or rock maple and walnut with an ebody fingerboard. There will be two body wings made of 1.5" thick pieces of mahogany, which will be routed out save for 1/4" at the back. Pretty standard thus far, right?

I want to use a tune-o-matic bridge (I found one online), which means that the neck must angle back from the body at about 3.5degrees, right? My plan was to make the neck laminate slightly thicker than the body wings, so that after I glued the body wings on I would be left extra wood sticking up in the middle (it would be higher on the top at the tail, and higher at the body/neck joint on the back. I would then plane down the body block part of the neck laminate so that it would be flush with the body wings. Then I'd glue a top of birds-eye maple on the guitar, and carve out the very bottom of the neck-through for the bridge tailpiece (think Rick 300 series). I'd slap a set of Dark Stars on there, and I think I'd have a pretty bitchin' bass.

Do my ideas seem solid, or am I in for a world of pain? Mostly, its having the neck through not set parallel to the body wings and having to get rid of the excess that bothers me. Any ideas?



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sorry about that, man. My computer kept saying that it couldn't post. So I just kept trying. Sorry. B)


sometimes the page locks up...when that happens,highlight and copy your post,then stop the page and go back to the main page...then look to see if your post made it...most of the time it will post way before it reloads

if it didn't post..all you hasve to do is paste what you copied into a new topic :D

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I say go for it- I am about halfway through a fretless bass build. I was a bit hesitant because of the odd nature of this beast as well. It is not a neck thru as my others have been, however it is a semi hollow, bolt on, undersaddle transducer only- acoustic style bridge, headless, and made from some killer wood. Just take your time planning that neck angle and also make sure that you leave some room for post "angulation" adjustment. I think the best way to take of the excess material from the "neck protrusion" in the body would be to build a jig where the router would level everything out. You could also do it by hand as most imperfections in the leveling would be hidden by the top, as long as you keep the visible glue line planes level... do you know what I'm saying?

Good luck

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