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Hand Tools For Christmas


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I got a few hand tools for Christmas that I will use to make firewood (er, guitars).

- Bailey 14" hand plane (seems very nice, sole plate is dead flat). I will use

with my 9 1/2" plane for flattening bodies and neck blanks.

- Set of forstner bits 1/4" through 2 1/8" in a wooden box

- 24" precision straight edge (used it to check the sole plate on the plane)

- a Dozuki pull saw for fine joinery such as fitting set necks

- a microplane rasp with handles on each end for shaping necks, etc

- a "center finding" ruler - very handy for guitar work

Also, received two "power" tools from my sons.

- a ColdHeat soldering iron - very cool

- a Craftsman roto tool with all the attachments (think I will use primarily for

making templates, etc.)

Guitar making opens up a whole new world of gift opportunities. :D

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