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Not finished my first guitar but can't stop thinking of the next.

I've decided that the second one I built will have a tremolo.

None of my guitars have a tremolo so I was browsing trough the Ibanez pictures and got a little confused.

Ibanez has a locking nut. This I can understand. It doesn't have a 'normal' nut. In other words: the width of the neck should always be the same to fit the locking nut. Is this correct or am I missing something.

Second, if there's a locking nut what is the purpose of the bar that is located just after the locking nut and before the machine heads. It can't be to press the strings towards the head because the locking nut doesn't need that. I mean: on a stratocaster are those string guide thingies to compensate that there's no tilted head stock.

So what's the use?

Maybe a stupid question?

Gerard B):D

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i can answer that :D

1. locking nuts come in a variety of widths.decide which width suits you best.

2.the retaining bar holds the string down behind the nut to compensate for the curve of the locking nut so that when you tighten the locks after rough tuning it doesn't detune your guitar.(the locking nut curves back towards the headstock)

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