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Aquiring A Neck....


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I'm trying to build a set neck thats 34 1/2'' scale, with a 14 degree angled Gibson style peghead. The problems are finding the wood (theres all kinds of body blanks out there, but no good neck blanks) also I need some smaller peices for the head stock, a few good close up pictures of the gibson style set necks or a good description of how it goes together, and any other advice about angled headstocks and the like would be great. And whats a good glue to use? If theres a company who will make it for me at a resonable price, post me a link.


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Are you trying to use one piece for the neck? If so, the left over piece cut out when you saw the length of the neck shaft will work for the headstock. You'll need to plan the location of the nut, and adjust the overall lenght accordingly.

To make the angle a solid disk sander with a 14 degree jig will do it, or if you have an Incra type table saw mitre gauge it will also work well. Because this method gets your hands close to the blade it may not be the safest choice without a proper jig. Doug........

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Okay. Then use standard 4/4 stock, cut it into 1 3/4" strips. Stand them all up and glue into a block. Let the block sit around in a warm place for a few days.

Sources for the lumber are numerous. Quick google search.

Find more help and pictures at http://www.soulmateguitars.com

I can also assist you directly if you send an email.


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