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When I first saw this bridge I was apprehensive. But on furtherlooking I'd like to install one on an upcoming guitar. the idea of being able to drop my tuning quickly mid song is appealing.

So people. What are your thoughts on this little device?:


Its seems the only problem would be intonation. But if I'm only dropping at most a step, and its being used for live perfomrances I can't see that being much of a problem.

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I got one about 6 years ago. I really haven't found as many uses for it as I thought I would. I could blame that on playing mostly bass since I bought it.

I think it is a cool product. Its fun to play a song in standard tuning flick a few switches, play in open E, flick a few more and play black mountainside and then go back to standard tuning. Do realize that when you change tunings you drastically alter the tension on the neck, so it is really hard to just flick the switches and be right on. Sometimes the best it will do is get you close. Close enough to really speed up your tuning between songs. but not perfect.

So I would say if you play slide or a lot of alternate tunings, go for it. Don't get it if you just want dropped D. There are other products for that. I have never used it to drop a whole or half step across the board, so I don't know. But I tink if that was my goal I would save the $150 and buy a capo.

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This looks like a cool bridge to add if you only have 1 guitar and play a lot of music from Creed, Mark just doesn't play a straight tune, there's like 5 different tunnings on the Human Clay album, but for changing tunning in one song! Nope. too much hassle. I will just get a d-Tuna for a Floyd and a reg drop tunner for a hardtail.

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