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Intonation Problem

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I adjusted my intonation after I put on a set of new strings, and all was well but the A string. I moved the saddle as far as it would go, but when the string is tuned the note is still flat at the 12th fret. This didn't happen the last times I set the intonation, and the strings are the same. What happened and what can I do?

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Most likely its a bad string.

If your guitar has always been OK, and it just turned whacky after a string change...

I've had it happen to me.

I would always check the intonation after a string change. After a string change one day, I had to pull the low E saddle so far back on my Floyd, that it hit the wood behind the trem route when pulling up. Replace the E string, and things were back to normal.....

So, before you try anything radical, try something cheap, and just replace the string.


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Hmm...I would say either buy a new string and see what happens or wait until they all need to be changed again. Either way, I wouldn't worry about doing anything drastic until you try a new string on there, as it could just be a faulty one.

Ah, two minutes too late.

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