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Grounding Question


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This may seem like an elementary question, but electronics is the thing I know little about.

I cannot ground to my TOM is the standard fashion. What I'm wonder it id I could run a tiny cavut into the neck pocket and ground to a neck screw.

not unless your neck screw is grounded to the bridge.

in other words...no

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The whole idea to grounding the bridge is also to ground the strings and everything else attached to that system. If the guitar has a pickguard you could cut a shallow wire channel from the bridge pickup cavity to the treble side bridge mounting stud. Pull the stud, insert the wire and push the stud back in over the wire. Then run the wire out to the control cavity via the hole for the pickup wires.

If there is no pickguard you will have to devise a way to drill a hole from the pickup cavity or control cavity to the stud.

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