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Sustainer Help!


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Guys, I wanna try and build a sustainer and I have the way that is posted on projectguitar. The post that is this same subject had way to much talking and explaning and at the moment i don't need to read 28 pages of posts. What I want is this sustainer to give me the squealing harmonics that products like the fernandez sustainer does. Can this blueprint for a sustainer do this? If not can you point to one that will? Will it cover doing this on all the strings or at least the 3 higher strings? How much is it gonna cost to build one and where the heck do I put it on my guitar?

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...i don't need to read 28 pages of posts...

That's what I love about young people - always so eager to learn! B)

There's this page on the Ebow (same principle), but not only is it full of those pesky words, but they're in Dutch! Sorry, but the "Simple, Inexpensive DIY Sustainer (with completely foolproof assembly instructions)" page continues to elude us - that's why that thread is 28 pages long! psw has spent a huge amount of time and effort on his project, and he's still struggling (even after 28 pages :D )! If you don't have the time to do some research and some experimenting, I suggest it might be easier for you to buy a Fernandes. FWIW, the schematic on the Dutch Ebow page above will get you halfway there - all you'll need besides that is a working string driver. Best of luck with your project. :D

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hmmmm :D

There's a reason for the 28 pages, no one seems to have popped up with a foolproof working DIY sustainer. After more than 5000 visitors you'd think someone would have come forward! It's true however that I'm trying to make a better sustainer, otherwise I could have just bought one for all the stuffing around and expense, so if you want reliable sustain, get one of those. If not, see LK's post above.

For a little research, go to page seven of the thread and you'll find links to several patents. Check out the Osbourne patent, it's a lot more than 28 pages and the circuit diagram, which unusually gives all component values, stretches for five pages of diagram alone.

As a former Prime Minister down here once said, "Life wasn't mean't to be easy!"...sorry

B)psw :D

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