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What Kind Of Bridge Did Clapton Have On His Sg?

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For my first build I'm going to be doing a white SG with 2 p-90's. What kind of bridge did claptons have?? It was weird, kinda like a bigsby, but kinda like those weird tailpieces. And finally, does anybody have a link to where I can buy them and know if they require a neck angle?? Thanks

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Are you talking about the SG that Clapton used to record the Disraeli Gears LP with Cream? It was painted by a Dutch art group called the Fool. Very appropriate painting for the period. :D

If that's the one, it didn't have a Bigsby type tailpiece or anything like that. It had sort of a tune-o-matic - a fixed tailpiece but the bridge itself was screwed into the body rather than on posts and it had individual saddles for compensation. I have a book with a picture of it.

I haven't seen another bridge quite like it, so no idea where to get it. Sorry, not much help.

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