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F-spaced Pup?


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hi, i was just wondering, if i put a regular spaced HB sized P90 into a strat, would it make alot of difference? would it be worth finding a custom scratchplate company to make me a P90 and HB strat scratchplate to get a better spacing? would it make alot of differnce if i got a normal spaced one? i cant find an F-spaced one :D

edit: looking at the spacing, i think its ok...


isn't F spacing 2in from E to e? thats the spacin on my current SCs...

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I don't know if the F-Space pickups have 2 inches gap between the low and high E strings. But F-space means "Fender Space"..., as the Fender bridges and Floyd Roses have wider string spread. Their pole spread is equal to Strat single-coil pickups.

The term "F-Space" is used by DiMarzio to describe their humbuckers for Fenders and for similar guitars equipped with tremolo bridges.

Seymour Duncan uses the term "Trembuckers" for the same size humbuckers. (Tremolo humbucker). Duncan gives a very detailed specifications and measurements for their each pickups. Check out the Trembuckers or Single-coil sizes in www.seymourduncan.com and make those measurements be your guide to find a pickup that would fit your Strat.

Btw, if I know correctly, Floyd Roses have 2 inches string spread so that P90 would fit a strat string spacing.

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