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Tone Question (with Diagram)


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I wired my guitar according to the following diagram using 3 500Kohm for tone and 2 volume pots.


The guitar sounds great , but:

1. There is virtually no tone control. turning the tone pot doesn't affect the sound, and when it is fully closed, the sound is very weak (esspecially the trebles).

2. The 2 pickups eliminates certain frequancies, rather than mix together.

The two phenomena are both in humbucker and single-single coil configurations.

Any help would be appreciated...

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There's nothing wrong with the setup shown in the diagram - you didn't accidentally wire the pickups out of phase, perhaps?  :D

I don't really know how to do that so maybe i accidently did...

Can you explain how could i have done that?

the pickups are both in the same direction (I have gibson SG and the pickups are inverted to each other).

From what i have read the "out of phase' thing sounds quite right. it sounds like the PUs eliminates each other.


The pickups i'm using have 3 wires (NOT 4). black, white, and red. I soldered the red wire to the switch...



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