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Fibre Lights..


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Ok...some years ago I made a couple of guitars with LED side position markers...bit fiddly and intrusive on the back of the fingerboard..

As you know I like to experiment

A year later I made a similar thing with fibre...using just a single led in the body with power supply...the circuit was made when a jack was inserted and this made contact with a micro switch making the circuit and lighting up. I am going to do this again on these projects...but as it is fibre it is only really useful for set and straight thru necks...you could do it with bolt-on but it would mean pulling the fibre out of the body each time you removved the neck.

Anyway I did it thus. Got some .5mm fibre optic cable. I marked the side position holes using a .5 mm bit on my dremel...and drilled out. FLipped the board, backside up..and using the dremel routed channel to each point. Drilled a feeder hole underneath the fingerboard to the cavity which was going to house the battery and led...and drilled further routing holes to where the jack was.

I glued the fibres in the back of the fingerboard and up through the side holes..snipped the ends off and added a tiny drop of glue in the holes. At this stage you could hardly see that anything was there..

Anyway...when all set and ready...I then glued fingerboard on routing the fibres through the feeder hole underneath the fingerboard..so nothing was visible...when all finished...taped the ends of the fibre up and snipped straight..taped a led to the end and made the circuit..

The buety of this was that it was neat and clean...and being the ends of the fibre...lit up well when power on...also, it only required a single led...which you could just swap out for a different colour...easily as it was just taped to the ends of the fibre in the cavity.

I will be doing the same again this time..except I may use several leds...so the fibre ends on the fingerboard will show different colours..

Flash - yeah maybe..but interesting all the same...



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Coooooollllllllll :D

You could mount several different colored led's and have them rotating on a little ring inside the guitar (through the light box) so that they all flash different colours. B) Just kidding by the way, that would be a stupid idea.

Any chance of doing up a tutorial while you're doing your next one?

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