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old classical

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i have this old classical guitar my friend gave me. as i already have one that is exactly the same i decided i wanted to do something interesting with this one.

id like to make the body less deep so that it is easier to play standing up. its currently 10cm deep, but id like to make it 6cm. thats a big diffrence, and i will loose alot of the bass, but i dont mind trying it as this guitar isnt really important. it would be an interesting experiment.

anyway, how would i do this? i would steam the back off, but the joins are inside the body and i cant get inside to steam them. should i just cut the sides to the size i want and then steam the back off so i can re-attach it?

any advice?

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does anyone have any ideas?

i think im just going to mark the new 6cm depth around the guitar, cut it with a coping saw then steam the sides of the remaining back so that it can be reattached easily.

the heel is gonna be quite hard to cut straight with the coping saw :D

anyone have any ideas/advice?

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Interesting idea, I think I would try to cut the back off a little closer to the actual edge of the bracing that goes around it holding it on. That way you would have much better control over the real depth cut when you go to make it, plus you could then steam the back off easily since it would be totally exposed.

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i started the project today.

i cut the back off with about 20mm of the sides still attached. i then cut the body to the 50mm depth that i want. i did this becuase it was quite hard to see where you are cutting when the back of the guitar is stilll attached.

after i have reshaped the heel im going to steam the 20mm of sides off the back and re attach it to the guitar.

im okay with the steaming process, but i dont know which glue to use for the reattaching. what would you recommend?

i have pictures of the process, but alas im using a good old film camera and they need to be processed :D

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