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I Thought There Was A Way


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On a humbucker with a cover, I thought you could take off the mounting ring, and peek back there, and be able to tell what color the bobbins are?? I just did that, and couldn't tell. I've got a les paul BTW.

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Sorry, you've got to take the cover off. Its soldered on the underside. You will need some solder wick. Melt the solder and this braided wick should soak it up. Once thats done it should come off easily. If you try to take it off without a solder sucker or wick you'll find the solder just runs further down making it harder to get off.

My Les paul was basic black and I think that's more common


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Well, good suggestions. I thought that, since the only difference the bobbin color would make is if you were going to take the covers off, I'd take the covers off! You could also replace the shielded wire with 4 core to allow coil switching, series parrallel or phasing...if you have the nerve...while you got it off!

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