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Right -left Trem Conversion Tutorial=wrong

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Well the tutorial is wrong cause tap size is NOT 10x1.25.

Matter of fact it's not metric,fine or course!

Even the guys in the hardware shop didn't know what it was.

So does anyone know a way around this, so i can fit the trem arm holder in the new hole.

It's for a Edge tremolo.

Thanks guys,any suggestion is welcome.

Vuk from B):D

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I'm trying to remember the thread gauges off the top of my head (so I don't have to go disassemble a trem....sad, considering I love to take stuff apart. LOL).

I think the thread gauges on these two parts are 9mm x 1.0:

Arm Holder: http://www.ibanez.com/parts/2002_PARTS/el_...es/2LE2-13C.JPG

Arm Holder Locknut: http://www.ibanez.com/parts/2002_PARTS/el_...ges/2LE2-14.JPG

That would make the threads in the trem baseplate....9mm x 1.0.

If someone has one apart, feel free to correct me. I'll double-check next time I have an Edge in pieces.

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I'm not sure if Ibanez changed the dimensions/thread size & gauge of the trem arm holders over the years, but we'll soon find out.

Keep us updated on the thread size you come up with. If there's new information, we'll get it to Brian so he can update the tutorial.

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You're in "metric heaven", and none of those guys had a 9x1.0? Disappointing.

I have a set that looks exactly like this one:


It's a little pricey to get just one tap, but then again, you'd be the only guy in town with a 9x1.0 tap and die. :D

You might also check FleaBay. Single taps will be expensive, so a nice complete set might be the way to go.

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