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Black Ice?


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ok, im not very knowlegeble in the electronics deptartment so i dont really know exactly which kind of schottky diodes i need to perform the black ice overdrive thing. ive found some at mouser and the tutorial says a low voltage but when i look at pics of it i dont see how im gonna wire 2 in series and use it in place of the capacitor. well i hope someone sees this

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lol my bad all the way. im not exactly a newbie but i deserve it i guess... for the past 30 min ive been reading what i searched for and figured id come back here thinking no one has posted yet and apologize before someone calls me a newbie :D

ya gotta understand, ive been wiring guitars all night and its nearly 4am and im interested in this ****... no excuses though

i figured it all out and im off to bed

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