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i'm planing on building my first guitar from scratch. i allready got experiences in restoring and customizing electric guitars like neck swaps and customized electronics.

i wanne do an neck through guitar with maple neck, koa wings and a wilkinson gotoh trem. i allready purchased the book "make your own electric guitar".

but i'm not sure if i should go fenderlike without any neckangle since the gotoh trem has fenderhight or with neckangle cause my guitar should have a prs type fretboard/neck.

i am thinking about ordering the wood from exotic woods, does anybody got exeperiences with them?

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You need to read your book Make Your Own Electric Guitar on page 26, it gives the complete instructions on drawing full scale so you can determine the neck angle you will need. It's not hard, just have to really understand what he's talking about in order to get it correctly. Also, alot of people forget about neck width and how it relates to the bridge and nut width. It's best if the neck still have 1/8" of space from each E strings, to the edge of the neck, all the way up and down the neck. That's another reason you need to plan and draw out everything, making precise templates as you go. Even with cutting out the body, it's alot easier sanding and perfecting a 1/4" plywood template, then trying to do it later when you route out the body from a poorly done template and have a 1-3/4" piece of hardwood to sand down edges on.. lol

And to answer your other question, Exotic Woods has always done me right, even though I think they are a little pricey in some areas.

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