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Noob Wood Question

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Hi! After about 4 days of searching specific topics (one being tonal qualities of wood) on this board and google I decided it's time to introduce myself get an opinion or 2.

First, I've had several years of general woodworking experience and have always wanted build solid body guitars (hollow bodies look fun, but I don't have the space to get into bending wood). I play bass (on and off since HS...musical interests are as broad as they get but I like to play blues, jazz and at church) and bass is what I want to build. I was thinking I wanted to start with a 6 string (why start small...know what I mean?)

So anyway...the question. I'm still in the planning phases of the bass, and kicking ideas around about wood. I'd like a tone that emphasises lows and minimizes the mid range. I was going to use through-neck construction and was thinking about making the neck out of ash and bubinga (5 layers...ash-bub-ash-bub-ash) and making the body out of either lacewood or mahogany. The ash/bubinga neck is mostly because I already have both in my shop. I'm leaning towards lacewood for the body because I've worked with it (turning bowls) and like it...it's purdee! Thoughts???



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