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Pearl Finish Sources?


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I'd like some pearl finishes and can only find a couple on reranch.  Any other sources out there?


House of Kolor.......This is the stuff that is widely used in the custom car and motorcycle industry.....Expensive....It is a dry additive which is mixed with the paint.....If you are looking for rattle cans, you are out of luck with HOK.

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Go to a hobby shop. The paints used for lexan bodies will work great for guitars, and they have mettalic and pearl dry additives too, you just mix it with the clears or translucent colors to make your own. You can try Createx paints also, thats the one I used on my green guitar and it's water based, comes in all sort of colors and once it works wonders with nitro or any other clear. You can airbrush it or use a cheap preval system with them. I have been using denaturated alcohol to reduce it a bit, but you can get their reducer too.

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