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I'm not exactly sure what you mean by luthier machines, but I have several tools from Grizzly and I am quite happy with their quality and performance. There are many folks that access this forum who own Grizzly machines and they can relay their own experience.

In addition to their main tool catalog, Grizzly produces a luthier catalog. In that catalog, there is a page that shows many guitar manufacturing companies (Gibson, Fender Custom Shop, Taylor, Collings, Suhr, Tacoma) that use Grizzly machines. Of course, they are using the high end machines most of which are out of reach for the typical home luthier.

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You really need to look up reviews on the individual tools you are considering. Try e-opinions.com or amazon.com. I would also check woodworking websites. I imagine you will find some good info to help you with your decisions. It's hard to generalize a single brand of tools as good or bad.

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