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5-way Tele, How To Do It?


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Hi you all!

I'm a brand new member and a brand new "luthier" :D !

I can't understand almost anything of electronics diagrams, but for my first project I was thinking to have a 5 way telecaster....

looking for a diagram i found it on guitarnuts:


My problem is: I don't want the tone pot and I want a miniswitch to split the humbucker (it's a 4 wire, Dimarzio Evolution.... ; the other one it's a Seymour Duncan Phat Cat :D)

Can anybody help me?

Which connection are to be made after tone pot removal?

Where do I place the miniswitch?

If only someone could modify the diagram for me :DB) ...


P.S. Sorry if I made any mistakes!

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2)Neck+Bridge in Series and Out of Phase

3)Neck+Bridge in Parallel

4)Neck+Bridge in Series


The miniswitch should make positions 2-3-4-5 work with only one coil of the bridge pu...

Is it Possible or just a dream?

Thanks for your Help!!

I forgot to say that I'l have evolution on bridge position and phatcat on the neck position, but I think you had already understood!

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All that 4th pole did was switch the tone caps around (or out completely) - since he didn't want a tone control, the entire section became redundant. All the other switching is done on poles 1 thru 3. And wiring a split-coil on a 4-conductor humbucker is literally as simple as grounding the black wire on the DiMarzio - so you've got everything you asked for. Do you need a diagram to show you how to wire a switch to ground the black wire?

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No, but it's almost that simple - here's a DiMarzio pickup:


The black and white wires connect together to put the two coils in series (standard humbucking configuration) - to "split' the pickup, simply short that black wire to ground. In other words, connect a jumper from the black wire where your diagram shows Bridge -. You can use a DPDT or any other switch, a push-pull pot, a rocker switch, etc. Don't overthink this, it's deceptively simple.

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At this point I think that I didn't understand a single word of yours and I feel just a LITTLE confused even if you say that it is simple...

I'll think it over but I'm almost sure I won't understand anything but a drawing (I know English but electronics is driving me crazy because I don't understand very well) :DB)

Thanks and please don't loose your patience even if I know that I'm a pain in the *** :D

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No, that won't work either. See if this explains it:


That's what I've been trying to say!

That toggle switch in the Ebay auction will work, but it has a center OFF position, so there will be two positions that don't split the coils. I hope that makes it clear, I'm running out of things to tell you! :D

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OK, it only won't work wired as shown with a DiMarzio pickup. B) I can't read the fine print, so I don't now exactly what you intended, but if you change it around so the black/white junction is in the middle, and the red and green wires are at either ends, it would allow you to select your coil, north or south, or center for humbucker. Happy wiring!! :D

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